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Getting an Account

Connecting to Borah requires an account for that cluster provided by Research Computing. To request an account, please email with the following information:

  • Name of requestor
  • Cluster you are requesting an account on
  • Research project name or grant information
  • Name of your PI
  • Email address of requestor

In order to grant access, the HPC administrator will verify that you are a valid user by contacting the project’s PI. When on the Boise State campus, the campus clusters can be accessed from most wired computers or from the secured Eduroam Wi-Fi network. If you are off campus, a VPN connection must be used. The Boise State VPN is a virtual network connection that allows users to be on the internal network from off campus. More info on it can be found here: vpn-services. The VPN is only accessible to current employees and student employees of Boise State, so if you need VPN access, please have your faculty advisor/PI contact the help desk to request VPN access on your behalf.