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Logging In

On the Boise State campus, the campus clusters can be accessed from most wired computers or from the secured Eduroam Wi-Fi network. If you are off campus, a VPN connection must be used. The Boise State VPN is a virtual network connection that allows users to access the internal network from off campus. More information can be found on the VPN services page. The VPN is only accessible to current employees and student employees of Boise State, so if you need VPN access, please have your faculty advisor/PI contact the help desk to request VPN access on your behalf.

After getting your account from Research Computing, you will typically use a terminal to connect to the cluster via Secure Shell (ssh). The process for using the terminal varies depending on your operating system:


There are many options, but we recommend MobaXTerm for terminal access on Windows. Go to the MobaXTerm download page and download the “Home” edition of MobaXTerm. This software is an emulator for a Linux shell that will allow you to utilize a Linux shell on Windows. There’s a tutorial available on the MobaXterm demo page.

Mac and Linux

Mac and Linux both have built-in terminals, just search "terminal".

Connecting to the cluster

Once you have installed or located your terminal, you can connect to the cluster as follows:

  1. Open the terminal and type ssh -XC (your Borah username) for Borah.


    If you are off campus, you need to be connected to the VPN in order to access Borah.

  2. Enter the password provided to you by Research Computing.


    Your password will not be shown as you type it, so it’s normal to see an empty prompt even though you are entering characters.

  3. You will now be connected to the cluster. If it’s your first time connecting, use the passwd command to change your password.