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MOOSE (Multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment) is a powerful simulation framework.

How to use

We recommend following the Conda MOOSE Environment instructions provided by INL.

You will need to request an interactive session on a compute node to complete the MOOSE installation. You can do this using


When you are ready to submit a MOOSE job, here is an example submission script to get you started:

#SBATCH -J MOOSE          # job name
#SBATCH -o log_slurm.o%j  # output and error file name (%j expands to jobID)
#SBATCH -n 48             # total number of tasks requested
#SBATCH -N 1              # number of nodes you want to run on  
#SBATCH -p bsudfq         # queue (partition) -- defq, eduq, gpuq, shortq
#SBATCH -t 12:00:00       # run time (hh:mm:ss) - 12.0 hours in this example.

. ~/.bashrc
conda activate moose

mpiexec -n 48 ./mooseExe -i inputFile.i
Don't forget to replace the environment name (moose), the executable (mooseExe), and the input file (inputFile.i) names with the names of the environment, executable, and input file you are using.